Complete Healing School with Ordination

Dothan, AL


 FEB 8-11, 2023

Join Joan Hunter and the teaching team for 4 powerful days of impartation and anointing! From our time together, you will know how to take the healing power of God beyond the 4 walls of the church and into the 4 corners of the earth. You will be equipped to pray for the sick and see them recover. You will know how to pray and share your faith with others, and you can see signs, wonders and miracles happen every day!

Dates and Location:

Feb 8-11, 2023
Wednesday 3pm (Pictures) and7pm
Thursday 10am, 2pm and 7pm
Friday 10am, 2pm and 7pm
Saturday 10am, 2pm and 7pm

Wednesday – Saturday services (all 10) are required in order to receive your Ordination or your Certificate of Completion.


Christ Church International

3500 S Oates St, Dothan, AL 36301, USA


Deadline to apply and attend:TBA

Applicable application and registration fees are due by TBA. Late applications and late payments will not be accepted. Registration fees are non-refundable and can not be transferred to another Event, Product, or JHM Event.

You will receive: 

 More than 40 years of hands-on real life experience, practical application, supernatural authority, Biblical revelation, impartation of passion and compassion and an anointing service with Joan Hunter. 

Getting Ordained through this ministry means that you recognize the anointing that is on Joan Hunter’s life and want to be a part of taking the healing power of God beyond the 4 walls of the church and into the 4 corners of the earth. Through impartation at Ordination, you will be able to develop and flow in the healing and prophetic anointing that she flows in. 

Ordination also means that you:

  • Recognize and confirm that you have been called by God to the ministry
  • You have undergone a period of discernment
  • You received training related to this calling
  • Authorizes you to take on the responsibility of ministering to the 4 corners of the earth

Dothan, AL Ordination 2023 Fee: $497

Order Your Package

Complete Required Materials Package for Ordination.

Be sure to read and watch all of the materials before attending Ordination as well as turn in your Pre-Ordination Review. Completion of all requirements must be met before you can receive you Ordination Certificate. You will not have time during the Ordination Conference to complete any unmet requirements.

Priority Registration: TBA

$25 Gift Coupon to be used during the conference if all paperwork/fees are turned in to the ministry by this date.


Regular Registration: TBA

Deadline to have all paperwork/fees into the ministry and participate in the Dothan 2022 Ordination class.

To Apply for Ordination

Download, complete, and submit the application forms below. You may send your application in by:

Email: Fax:    1-888-817-4102 Mail:   Joan Hunter Ministries PO Box 111 Tomball, TX 77377-0111 For assistance: 281-789-7500

Healing School,
Certificate of Completion:

This is a certificate of training with Joan Hunter Ministries. You will receive the same training and teaching as those who are getting Ordained, but you have different requirements to meet vs. those that have to be met in the application process for Ordination.


Complete Healing School with Ordination in Dothan, AL
Registration and application for Ordination is Required.
Registration for the Healing School’s Certificate of Completion is required.
Please contact Teresa at Joan Hunter Ministries for more information and to request an application for Ordination.


The $225 participation cost covers your lunches during the healing school, a 4×6 photo with Joan Hunter and your Certificate of Completion, as well as your workbook for the Healing School. Be sure to read and watch The Complete Healing School Materials Package before attending Healing School as well as turn in your Pre-Ordination Review. 




Jenna Constable
Joan Hunter Ministries

No registration to attend. For Ordination and the Certificate of Completion, registration is required. $150 of the application fee is non-refundable for Ordination.

Hotel, airfare, travel accommodations are not provided by the ministry. Please make your own travel arrangements. We recommend booking with insurance in case something unplanned comes up that affects your ability to travel.

No childcare available.
Live streaming is not available.

What Ordination Graduates are saying...


I am Ordained and am a 4 Corners Alliance member. I have been with Joan to Israel, Switzerland, Ireland, India and to several locations in the US. Each time I listen to her message and watch her minister to the sick, she encourages me. One of the highlights in my life was in Dublin, Ireland when I had the privilege to pray for a woman that had been deaf since she was a child regain her hear in Jesus name. Being with her on ministry trips is a real blessing.

Jack Fairservice

Ordination and Alliance Member

My life is completely different after meeting Joan Hunter. I had never before heard teachings on healing like I have learned from her. The Lord has truly given her revelation to help bring health and freedom. My mind is renewed, my marriage is stronger and we are now out of debt. I had never before thought about our finances needing healing as much as our bodies and minds before hearing Joan teach. Being ordained through her ministry and becoming an Alliance member are some of the best things to happen to me.

Karrie Manning

Ordination and Alliance Member

The Lord gave me two words at the end of 2016, ”Divine Alignment.” I was introduced to Joan Hunter Ministries in 2017. I was certified in Healing School first then returned and was Ordained in April of 2018 and became of 4 Corner Alliance. Joan has inspired me as a writer, prophet and Apostle leader. Her godly example has taught me to serve, align, love and decree. I look forward to learning more from Joan and partnering with a ministry that demonstrates the love, power, and word of God!

Audra Price

Ordination and Alliance Member

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How can we help you take the next step to Ordination and joining the 4 Corners Alliance Network? Email the ministry or contact the Ordination & Alliance Director at 281-789-7500.

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