Frequently asked questions

Who heals the sick? Is it Joan?

No! Jesus is the healer. He paid the price for your healing by the stripes on his back. Our job is to trust him for what we need. Joan’s commission as a healing evangelist, is to train the body of Christ to do the work of the ministry, in this case praying for the sick and seeing them recover.

How do we bring Joan Hunter to our church?

JHM is a great ministry to host with and it is easier than you think! Hosting a healing school, miracle services, or a conference is something we would like to help you do. Contact Joan Hunter Ministries through email or by phone. or 281-789-7500

What is a healing school?

Through simple and informative teachings from Joan Hunter, believers can learn how to pray for the sick and see miracles happen! Joan teaches through her training manual “Healing Starts Now!”, which contains the clearest and simplest instructions for believers to learn from as well as use in real life application. She takes the mystery and complication out of how healing happens and demonstrates truly how easy it is. Joan shares from over 40 years of healing ministry experience and covers, not only physical healing, but also deals with root causes of sickness and disease. Joan believes and teaches you how to believe for God to heal everyone in their body, mind, soul, spirit and finances. Joan is compassionate as well as entertaining. She teaches how to pray without fear but with greater boldness and authority. Believers are called to lay hands on the sick and see them recover and Joan Hunter’s focus is to train, equip and activate believers into this calling (Mark 16:18).

Why isn't everyone healed?

There are many things that can prevent someone from being healed. A partial list could include bitterness/unforgiveness, word curses, generational curses, disobedience, unconfessed/unrepented of sin, witchcraft, unbelief and blood transfusions. Additional factors could be people not praying for the sick at all, fear of failure, lack of dependency on God and a failure on the part of Christian leaders to model effective healing ministries to their churches.

Do I need to be slain/rest in the spirit to be healed? What is the relationship between resting in the spirit and healing?

It is not uncommon for people to expect God to touch their bodies and then experience being “slain in the spirit,” or “resting in the spirit.” My experience after almost 40 years in the healing ministry, is that most people will get healed without falling down under the power of the Holy Spirit. For some, they are overcome by the Holy Spirit and they can not stay standing. This does happen but it is not required to happen in order to be healed.

When people are not healed, do you tell them it is "because they have no faith"?

Never. I tell them I have enough faith for both of us! Our desire is to do everything we can to help the sick be healed in Jesus name. No matter how knowledgeable one may be about healing, it is not possible to remove the element of mystery. We know in part and we prophecy in part. There is no definite answer to the question why are some healed and some are not. I will pray for the sick and believe God for their healing every time!

Is word of knowledge or prophecy required for healings to occur?

No. Believers can use gifts they have been given by the Holy Spirit to minister. However, anyone can learn to prophesy and hear the voice of God and every believer should be earnestly seeking to do so. Some people think they cannot be healed unless someone speaks out a word of knowledge with their condition – this is simply NOT true! It can happen that way, but it does not always have to be that way for healing to occur.

Is it necessary for my hands to burn, tingle, shake, or feel pain before I can pray for the sick?

No. Effective healing prayer does not require any physical responses in your hands or body. It can be distracting or disturbing for the person receiving prayer for this physical response to happen. Don’t rely on feelings in your hands or body for your ability to pray for the sick. Speak complete health and wholeness in Jesus name, believe and expect great things from God!

Why aren't all healings instantaneous and complete?

A miracle is instantaneous, healing takes place over time, but God is in charge of them all. We don’t know why some happen in a few seconds and others take months or longer. We may not be able to figure out why some get a degree of healing and others receive a complete healing but, our job is to trust, obey and thank Him either way. Joy, praise and gratitude are the characteristics of an atmosphere of healing.

What is a miracle service?

The primary focus of the service is Joan praying for the sick and people receiving their healing in Jesus name. As people enter a Joan Hunter Ministries service they are handed a brochure with information and testimonies from previous services. They also receive a prayer form to fill out and then write down in “bullet form” or list what they need healing for. During the service Joan will ask people to come forward and bring their list. She will then pray for them and in doing so, she will explain why she prayed specifically and everyone will get to see miracles happen!

Can non-Christians be healed?

Absolutely! We have seen atheists, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, First Nations/Native Americans, voodoo priests, prostitutes and criminals healed. There is no better opportunity to share the gospel with a lost person than after they are healed. The Father loves them all and is reaching out to everyone in the hope that they would be saved.

Can children pray effectively for the sick too?

Yes! God looks at a person’s heart and responds to that persons faith, age is not important to him. He is no respecter of persons. He loves children and corrected his disciples when they tried to keep them away from Him.

What role should healing have in the church?

Other than teaching, Jesus spent more of His time ministering to the sick than in any other activity. Healing is a central element in the gospel message and should never be separated from the preaching of the good news. It needs to be a priority in every spirit filled church.

Are all sicknesses a sign of demonic attachments?

No!  Most illnesses are not from demonic influences. If God reveals a demonic root causing an illness, then repentance and the application of the blood of Jesus is necessary to release the individual from those symptoms. 

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