4 Corners Alliance

4 Corners Alliance is a global network of believers who are ordained by Joan Hunter Ministries. This is an annual membership that is only available to those who have complete their Ordination with Joan Hunter Ministries.

Members have aligned and submitted themselves or their ministry to the apostolic covering provided by this ministry. This is a powerful relationship that can help guide your steps no matter what phase of life you or your ministry are in. Spiritual alignment and covering are essential in these end times. You may already have a pastoral covering, but I want to encourage you to have an apostolic covering.

I am an Apostle with an apostolic covering and accountability through fellow apostles. I firmly believe in apostolic coverings and all the blessings that it brings from the fivefold ministry. Pastors, prophets, evangelists, teachers and lay people have joined the 4 Corners Alliance and they see God move in every area of their lives and ministries like never before. When you join the Alliance, I believe you will receive an increased anointing and you will see more healing, signs and wonders!

The Alliance members are a supportive group of believers who walk in relationship, communication, and ministry with Joan Hunter Ministries. Members are sent out (as their availability permits) on my behalf to pray and minister with people who call the ministry asking me to come and pray for them. I consider it an honor to serve as your apostolic covering. You are truly the hands and feet of Jesus being extended from our ministry.

Alliance members see a greater increase in their ministry abilities, knowledge, and results. Many members are reporting increase in their finances, speaking dates, ministry results, and numerous other blessings.

Standing with you,
Joan Hunter


Benefits for Alliance Members

This is a network membership. It requires yearly renewal in order to maintain the benefits of membership.
  • Anointing impartation when becoming an Alliance Member
  • Ability to ask Joan Hunter and the ministry Board of Directors questions when seeking Godly counsel
  • Ability to pray as part of the ministry team while at services with Joan Hunter
  • A Member’s Only Pin to wear when ministering or at services with Joan Hunter
  • Certificate of Membership mailed to you
  • Exclusive 15% discount on ministry resources
  • Exclusive access to the Alliance Facebook Group
  • Early access to services at 4 Corners Conferences Center/Joan Hunter Ministries
  • Reduced registration for events at 4 Corners Conference Center/Joan Hunter Ministries
  • Free live streaming of all Joan Hunter Ministries conferences (you will not pay the conference fee for streaming)
  • Free or discounted rates on webinars from Joan Hunter Ministries

Become a Member at Ordination

During Ordination, there is a special anointing service led by Joan Hunter and she prays and prophesies over each individual as led by the Holy Spirit. It is one of the most powerful and inspirational moments during Ordination.

As the Saturday afternoon session of Ordination begins, Joan calls up the current Alliance members who are there volunteering and serving the new Ordination Graduates. They stand behind each of the new Alliance Members as a display of the  support found in the Network Membership. They stand behind and with those who are joining the Network. Some of the greatest friendship and relationships are among our Alliance Members.

Applying to join the Network closes on Saturday afternoon of each Ordination weekend. The anointing service is specifically for those joining the Alliance.

If you are unable or unsure of joining the 4 Corners Alliance while attending Ordination, you can contact the ministry or apply online at a later date. The Saturday afternoon session of Ordination is the only opportunity for the anointing service for Alliance Members.

Membership Options:

Single Member Sign Up: $200
Single Member Renewal: $100/annually

Joint Member/Ministry Sign Up: $275
Joint Member/Ministry Renewal: $125/annually

What alliance members are saying...



Through my friendship with Joan Hunter and being an Ordination graduate and member of the Alliance, many opportunities have been provided to me to actively partner in the miraculous and prophetic realm. Joan Hunter has extended her hand of friendship, mentorship and family to me making Joan Hunter Ministries a accelerated atmosphere to grow and increase in my spiritual gifting. I bless Joan Hunter and her willingness to share all that she carries!

Leslie Tracey

Ordination and Alliance Members

Joan – Mentor, Teacher, Coach, Confidant, Mother figure, but most importantly – Friend. Joan truly, under her outstanding visionary leadership, has created a life-reforming & transforming ministry reaching across the globe impacting millions. Her insatiable drive to share the importance of being Jesus’ hands & feets to heal mankind is unparalleled in this day & age. Joan is truly revolutionizing how we minister to the Ekklesia in the Kingdom Age. We thank the Father & honor her service to the Body.

Kell & Monica Bales

Ordination and Alliance Members

“My husband and I were ordained through Joan Hunter Ministries and we are active members in the 4 Corners Alliance. We have come to know her as a spiritual mother in healing for us. We have seen instance increase through her apostolic impartation. We have received a wealth of knowledge through her work as an author. We have also grown in faith and confidence through her wisdom as a friend.” Georgia L. Wells

Georgia Wells

Ordination and Alliance Members

Contact Us


How can we help you take the next step to Ordination and joining the 4 Corners Alliance Network? Email the ministry or contact the Ordination & Alliance Director at 281-789-7500.

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