Do you have a heart for Missions?

     Have you ever dreamed of taking a mission trip?  Imagine the opportunity to see hundreds and thousands of people get saved, set free, and healed by God’s love and miraculous power!  That’s what Joan Hunter Ministries Mission Trips are about, seeing lives and hearts changed by the power of God!

Join Joan in Africa!

     We would love for you to join us and be a part of what God is doing around the world
We will be ministering in Kenya and Burundi March 19th – April 1st.

The floodgates have opened (over 400 invitations) for Joan and Pastor Joe Kirkwood to speak and minister to Africa!  Joan Hunter Ministries has already booked 6 missions on the calendar for 2024. We are partnering with Pastor Kirkwood and his team—together we can touch Africa.

Scientist have confirmed that the continent of Africa is splitting and one of the central splitting points is in the country of Kenya. It is believed that eventually, Kenya will split in half and there will be a new ocean separating the two sides of this beautiful country.

Amazingly, the crusades and healing events we have planned for Kenya are positioned on each side of the “splitting point”  We believe there is a great prophetic significance that God has our mission team ministering on BOTH SIDES of this tectonic plate. In Kenya we will host miracle crusades to large crowds. We will also be conducting a school of ministry and training pastors and leaders on how to minister healing to their nation.

Our goal is to establish a training center in Kenya it will be a hub for training people who are on the ground in Kenya and surrounding regions.

Opening Healing Wells Over Africa!

     Burundi is known as one of the poorest and saddest countries in the world. The people and land of Burundi are in desperate need of God’s healing touch!

     The country suffered a civil war from 1993 thru 2005 and so many people were killed tragically that it was said by others, “blood flows everywhere in Burundi, that’s how things are.” Our crusade location will be held on “the killing grounds” of the civil war.  We will be bringing God’s message of hope, love, and healing to the same land that was riddled with violence and murder.

     We are prophetically declaring that the blood of Jesus (which speaks a better word) will flow into Burundi to cleanse the land and bring freedom to all who live there. We are declaring Burundi to be the “healing land” and from the place of tragedy,
hope will arise.

     And to Jesus, the Mediator of a new covenant [uniting God and man], and to the
sprinkled blood [of Jesus] which speaks [of mercy], a better and nobler and more
gracious message than the blood of Abel [which cried out for vengeance].

Hebrews 12:24

Will You Come With Us Or Help Us Go?

     So many people in Africa need healing—body, mind, soul, and finances. We have the potential of winning several hundred thousand people to Christ and seeing countless miracles and healings! On our prior trips, we have seen so many miracles from God and people are truly meeting and encountering Jesus in these meetings. With crusades numbering 60–70,000  many are, for the first time in their lives, getting touched by the power of the one true God!

     Be encouraged that as you invest in what we are doing in Africa, you touch the world through missions, Joan Hunter Ministries and Miracles Happen! They are an unreached people group  and God is calling us to “Go into all the world and preach His gospel message!”


You can be a part of helping us reach the unreached!
You can be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission!

When You Serve With Joan You Will Get To:

  • Experience serving with an open heart and acts of kindness
  • Meet the practical and spiritual needs of the African people
  • Pray and minister in our healing and miracle services
  • Introduce people to Jesus and lead them into salvation
  • Give of your time, energy and spiritual gifts
  • Learn, grow, and connect with others on the team
  • Develop lasting friendships and divine connections
  • See God’s kingdom advance in Africa
  • Pray and intercede for Joan as she ministers

Invest In Hope, Healing, Salvation & Miracles!

PLUS …Enjoy an African Safari!

    While there, the mission’s team will be taken on a traditional African Safari near Nairobi! This is a “once-in-a-lifetime” adventure!  Join Joan and the Joan Hunter Ministries Mission Team for a life-changing journey with God that impacts both YOU and the uttermost parts of the world for God!

     Join Joan and the Joan Hunter Ministries Mission Team for a lifechanging adventure with God that impacts you and the world for God

     *Payment covers LAND ONLY expenses, airfare not included.  Missions team members are responsible for their own airfare.

Help Support Joan and the team share the Gospel!